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Miriam Ruth Kramer
1928 -  2011

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the story of a life.

Featuring an elegant animated header, magazine-style eulogy layout, engaging memorial video, and a place for family and friends to share stories.

Designs for every life story.

Choose a design that matches your loved one's unique life and personality. New designs are added frequently, refresh your choice as often as you'd like.

Bring Everyone Together.

Bring family and friends together to build an everlasting tribute to your loved one's legacy of life and love. Share, remember, and celebrate year after year.

Invitation only

Invite family and friends to join the memorial with a private link. Automatically keep everyone in the loop as new content is shared.

Edit together

You're not alone. Invite multiple family members to be editors. Edit the design and eulogy, upload photos, and organize your video, together.

Family memory

Family and friends write comments, anecdotes, and stories. Bring all these precious memories together in one place.

Family first, always.

Our stunning memorial page designs are free & ad-free, forever. No corporate logos above your loved one, no ads, no selling you flowers and trinkets at every opportunity. We put the memory of your family first, always.


Timeless Memorial Video

Tell the unique story of your loved one's life with a timeless memorial video. All the work a professional videographer would do, at a fraction of the cost.

Gather your photos together and upload them into albums.
Organize photos and albums chronologically to tell the story of a life.
Pick a final sign-off line and two portraits to finish the video: one older, and the last in the bloom of youth.

View Miriam's Memorial Video

Coming soon
Your first memory of Miriam
What did Miriam used to say?
A memory that still makes you laugh

Video Stories

The truth is we don’t have photos or videos for most of our precious memories. They’re literally locked inside our heads.

Now family and friends will be able to look right into the cameras on their phones and answer simple questions.

So when your kids ask what grandma was really like, they’ll be able to hear about her in the words of the loved ones who knew her best, and if they’re very lucky, in her own words as well.

Build an everlasting tribute to your loved one's legacy of life and love.

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